I can´t even come up with a title

I had to re-edit my calendar pieces in high
resolution for an exhibition. I scanned them with
a whooping 800 dpi, and colouring such huge images simply isn´t
fun, even with 1500mb RAM. Every step took maybe 5 seconds
to react, and when filling big patches of colour I could take small
bathroom breaks till it properly appeared on screen.
It was a soul-crushing chore.

So I put the Wacom back in the drawer
and took out the colour pencils again. Again, the
colours come out like crap in the scan. I messed around
with some colour adjustment dialogues, but it
stayed very grainy. Ah well. Maybe I try out watercolour
tomorrow. The last two days were full of teeth-grinding,
especially working with pictures I don´t really like
anymore, so making some relaxed biro sketching and
colouring by hand was a joyous ride again.

EDIT: I noticed the bad-ass scanners in our
school today, and my drawing out with those
in my Photoshop/QuarkXPress class on wednesday.
Judging on that, I´ll see if I need a new scanner...


Maarit said...

We also had huge scanner-monsters at university (I often kind of wondered about that, because they didn't even teach art there), I really miss them. I have a pretty decent scanner at home (epson perfection 4490), but it's the size a4, and a lot of my drawings a larger than that, so I have to scan them in pieces. I wish there was some way to telepathically transport the images to computer!

I really like the warm and soulful feel of this hand-coloured piece. And even if it won't become everyday practise, I think it's good to do something different with your art from time to time, it can always lead to new discoveries! Have you tried colouring partially by hand and partially computer? That could be an interesting contrast.

boris said...

Phantastische Arbeiten sind das! Eine starke Linie, absurde Bildideen...
Produzierst du auch Künstlerbücher, oder Fanzines?

Da ich keine Mailadresse gefunden habe würde ich mich freuen über Auskunft...

Gruss, Boris

Jeannette said...

hey freddy i was going to invite you to join Illustration Friday Night, IF's badass little brother that needs a spanking. but i dont have your email. anyway, you should join.

hi_imkatherine said...

This looks like the clown of my childhood dreams if he were emo

Its weird to think that hes in someone elses mind

It makes me wonder if hes actually out there somewhere making minimum wage painting faces and giving birth to balloon animals