Baked Beanz

I made another illo for our little exhibition in
the last minute (or well, the last hours) because some
texts still didn´t have an according illustration, so that´s
a star of courage I´ll give myself. I cheated a bit and
used orange instead of red, because I developed a certain
love for this colour recently for no particular reason.
I just choose it whenever I have the chance of picking
colours. I would never, ever wear an orange
t-shirt, though, so if you thought of sending me your
old ones...

The text is basically about a chainsaw being
dropped on a workbench, with a lot of minute detail
description, so I went for the easiest way and drew,
well, a chainsaw. I think the constrast is a bit better than
in the last one I did. And drawing powertools is fun, if you
don´t care too much for realism.

In mixed news, a new afro supermarket opened
up right down our street (next to the awesome surpremo
24h-DVD rental shop), and I saw "Heinz Baked Beanz"
there for sale. Yes, not beans, but BEANZZZZ. I kinda like
those, but they are a little expensive in our regular supermarket,
so maybe the Beanz are a bit cheaper since they seem to be

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rachel said...

I realy like your work. I Knew your illos at IFN but I could't find your blog. Congratulations.