Red Hood


Maarit said...

I like the way she looks lost and robbed. Not in a sadist way, I don't like people to be lost and robbed in general. Though clarifying that makes me sound a bit suspicious... Hmm... should I post this comment or not... oh what the hell.

Grant Gilliland said...

You have great linework...and I love the styling of your figures.

Maybe if this "Team Draw" event catches on in SF (we are trying to do it monthly if possible), we can have it go international one day! Or maybe you can start a branch of your own...I want to make a blog for it that showcases all of the results of every session...edited of course.

Thanks for commenting...keep up the good work.


Jo mateix said...

but mr. jurk i need to taste your Pentel Brush Pens = http://www.scribblers.co.uk/acatalog/Pentel_Brush_Pens.html
are they these?

Jeannette said...

i like the mushroomy thingies

Rico said...

I like this one a lot... good posture

Anonymous said...

Cool to see you've still got it Fred.. I like the red hood ;)

I'll post something decent when i get back from south east asia.

Take care!

John Reddinger said...

awesome fred. I love the odd flora growing from the ground.

Hey, I was going to e-mail this to you but I don't see any contact info in your profile...There's a new art forum up, I think you'd be a good canidate if you're interested.

read all about it:

rachel said...

great! this one is very good.