This one is a bit inspired by Martin tom Dieck,
whose class I am visiting this semester. We went to the
museum recently, and he looked through our sketchbooks
at the end and showed us his. I´ve never seen the sketchbook
of an art teacher before, and it was interesting. What
I found funny is that he too uses the Uniball eye ballpen,
combined with an ink brush.

And yeah, I am using ballpen
again despite what I said yesterday... I can draw
expressively with all pens if I want to, or do boring
sterile crap with all of them too.

I also put this up on Illustration Friday NIGHT,
a pretty cool blog that is some sort of mutant twin
of Illustration Friday, with pretty cool people on it.
Check out the link to the left.

...the link to the RIGHT. Sorry.

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