Refill 0.8mm balls (FUNNY!)

That postcard under the sketchbook is by
an austrian guy called Mahler, to avoid
misunderstandings. He makes pretty funny cartoons.

Yesterday, the sketchbook guy was at our school, a man that
is visiting us once in a while selling his self-made
sketchbooks in all kinds of sizes and colours at
pretty good prices. He must make a pretty
good cut, since the other artshops in that area
sell that kind of sketchbooks that you never
dare to touch and that catch dust staying unused
because having an expensive sketchbook with bad
drawings in it is worse than an expensive
sketchbook that is not used at all.
(That was sarcasm, by the way.)

I got four nice orange sketchbooks
(though they are not real books, more like booklets),
two portrait and two landscape orientation for 1.50 euro

Throw your hands in the ayy-aah

I already ditched my brush pen experimentation
phase and instead try some more of my "twitchy, shaky

lines"-style instead. The pen bleeds through the pages
pretty heavily, but since I am aiming at a rougher
drawing method again, it doesn´t bother me that much.

This is a so-called "mood shot", because it´s in
black and white and that´s a very "art" thing to do.
It also is a good way to cover up that my camera sucks
at colour.

If you come across any of those pens above, pick
them up - they are the best rollerball ink pen thingies
I ever had. Actually, the uniball eye is the better one, but
I had to pick up the VISION ELITE for ELITE DRAWING,
and also because I really loved those replacement
cartridges, which almost cost as much as the pen itself -
mostly because they ARE the pen itself more or less,
without the replacement cap and the shaft.

Trees and bushes of some sort


Jeannette said...

Those are my most favorite pens ever. EVER!! There is one in my back pocket right now.

And that dude is hilarious.

Goodluck wit da new book.

Prozacville said...

I'm also a Uniballer. But developing a crush on Staedtler pigment liners too at the moment. You German sure know how to make a DARN FINE DRAWING PEN!

God bless you all.