Let the music kill your soul (err, I mean "heal")

These are two sketches I did for a painting
(or several smaller paintings, that´s not set in stone
yet) for a friend of mine. They are done in biro
pen, but I am thinking about switching to pencil
again - the lines are just too scratchy most of the
time, and getting the contrast right is pretty painful.
I mean, it looks okay, but pencil somehow has more
warmth and is smoother. And it has a nice, punchy
blackness when I edit the contrast right.

And anyways, I just noticed that the three images in
the Hu Bei China book (which are still my favourites)
are all done in pencil. So it must be the best option
for me.

1 comment:

Jeannette said...

When do you graduate?

Maybe then you'll relax a bit.

I like this new drawing. You have enough work to fill a book. Or a gallery. You're going to be wildly successful one day, and I will try my best to grab one of your little German coattails.