Yeah bay-bee! This is post #91 and
it is entirely up to me how fast or slow I am
going to reach this "goal". Anyways, this is
the second version of my calendar project.
I like it much more than the old one; and one of
the reasons is that I edited white dots for eyes
into the heads. You can´t image how much difference
this makes.

Reminds me of an experiment they did

with monkeys - they made several masks and tested
to which ones the monkeys will show emotions.
One mask was a human face but with eyes and mouth
removed, and another one was a plain "dot dot line"-smiley
face. The monkey reacted to the smiley, not to
the anatomically more realistic face.
I believe that by inserting "eyes" into those
heads, the reaction to this piece changes in a positive

Sadly, I don´t feel as inspired when working
on the calendar assignment as I do when
drawing just for fun - I think the Gravity piece is
a league better than this one. But we still have time,
thank god. This is a very prestigeous project,
I wanna give my best. MY BEST!

Oh wait, they didn´t test monkeys but

And check out this crazy music.
I can´t get enough of it.


John Reddinger said...

hey Frederik...

I'm at 95...Bet you can't beat me!!

Rico said...

Awesome pic -- here's to 100 posts! Good luck!

Ellis Nadler said...

I love this, particularly because I'm doing a painting of a transparent person but am trying too hard to be accurate anatomically. I really prefer this approach