Kulli solls sein / IF: Communication

Rrrraaaah Bwaaaarh Graaaah Bubba Wubba
(Communication is the key)

Uuh baby!
Dug out some biro pens today.
You know, there are plenty rational arguments
to prefer some art tools over others, but the
emotional connection I have to plain cheap
mass-market biro pens is hard to describe.
Instead, just look at this picture and if you
can´t feel the joy I felt when drawing it,
you are cold and lifeless inside.

I am also pretty surprised how a couple
of well placed tones can lift a plain b/w-sketch
to a full illustration.
Unlike the last one I posted:
was just uninspired.

Just checked this week IF topic,
and boy, I can be a cheap bastard sometimes.
But you have to admit, it fits! Communication!

As Maarit told me (check out her freshly linked
blog), "Kulli" means something naughty in Finnish -
something between the legs of a male to be exact.
Well, in German it´s just a abbreviation of
"Kugelschreiber", which means biro pen.
Thinking about it, a biro pen COULD be seen as
something phallic, but, well... let´s just end this
train of thought here.


Kathleen Rietz said...

Woa! I can hear him snarling! Cool Illo.

Mac McRae said...

Yep his package is fierce.
You can't beat this guy for attitude.
He looks like the baby monster from eraser head all grown up. Cool work.

Alina Chau said...

cool style!

Maarit said...

I love the devil-may-care -drawing style. And you're right about the colours.
p.s. Kulli means something really nasty in Finnish...

Piotr said...

wow beautiful style you have here!

Philippa said...

i enjoy his little hands. your technique is really striking.

Frederik Jurk said...

Who, 6 comments ALREADY! Gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling!

Maarit said...

I see you figured it out already! Thank you for your nice comment on my blog, it means a lot coming from someone as talented as you. And thanks for linking me, if I'll ever get to doing a link list myself, you'll be the first one on it!

I think the English slang word for the digit in question, that captures the spirit of the word "kulli" the best, is the one that starts with the letter s and rhymes with "long". Just an interesting sidenote...

TCA said...

That looks like an American polluting your culture. I guess I'm one of those.

Ariel said...

Here comes WARM FUZZY FEELIN comment # 10!!!!!! :)

You deserve it my man.. Great line work on this one.

I don't understand the character too much(cause i'm lazy to look mostly) but the line work's amazing..


Jeannette said...

This picture makes me want to touch my kulli.

Merle said...

Dat heißt doch Kuli.

esillustration said...

o wow i love this one! great job. i wish i could see it animated. i'm sure he has an incredibly unique sounding voice

ottoblotto said...

Wonderful and provocative.