Okay, I am not entirely sure if
I need a new scanner or better crayons
(propably both), so please excuse the pretty
blurry scans and distored colours for the next
few days. I am currently drawing with
okay-ish crayons, but I am planning to
buy a couple of really good ones in my
local insider-artshop tomorrow. They
have a much smoother quality.

On a sidenote, I am trying to
work more consistently again. The last
weeks were pretty weak considering the time
I spend on doing random stuff instead of working
focussed. I mean, on some days I didn´t even
sit down on my butt and tried hard properly.
Working on your own needs an amount
of self-discipline I have yet to fully develop.

And most of the time, the things that
get in my way the most are pretty dumb, too -
mostly TEH INTARNET and Nintendo.
(If I would live in America, I would try
sueing technology.) I mean, at least it´s not
TV, but it´s pretty generic nevertheless.
If would waste my time with at least more
individual things, like uphill jogging or
shark-wrestling, but no... Internet.com
and silly games for kids. When I grow old,
I don´t wanna look back on my life and see myself
playing videogames and surfing the web all day.
I´d prefer seeing myself drawing pretty pictures,
no matter if anyone buys them or not. In the latter
case, I would be BOHEME. In the former case,
just a dirty lazy slacker, playing DS while other
people have to move around rocks or sit in a grey cubicle
or whatever the heck real working
people do.

Funny how I always tend to imagine
how I would live as an artist (of whatever kind)
later on when this is EXACTLY what I could be
doing RIGHT NOW.


Maybe I should make myself a nametag and
put on a tie before I sit down at the desk (wait,
that´s "drawing table"). And be my own boss.
I mean literally my own boss.
"You have to finish five drawings and I want
those on my desk at 11 am!"


Jeannette said...

sexy lady.

and i've started drawing in front of my computer. really sad. not all the time, but occasionally.

i dont know if i said this before, but i like the crayons.

Ariel said...

waow.. don't be too harsh on yourself there Fred..

*But i agree.. too much internet aint good :( Just keep doing your thing... and draw!


my heart is made of gravy said...

Oh fuck. This blog makes me laugh. Thank you.