Start working, you piece of aaargh

This is how I feel right now.

Okay, so I bought a very sweet
discounted Linux distribution called
"Ubuntu" and installed it after making a
backup of my major files. I am not a tech geek,
but Linux can be had for free (since it´s open
software), and with Microsoft slowly tightening
the grip on user rights (or something), I thought that
I better get used to this whole alternative software thing.

Plus, the main programs I use (GIMP, Firefox, and occasionally
NVU if I would only finally update my homepage!) are windows
ports of Linux software, and since GIMP ran a bit slow and crashed
once in a while, I figured that it would run a lot smoother on its native
operating system. And since Linux is claimed to be very customisable
and transparent, well, better today than tomorrow!

The downside of this was that I had no idea how
Linux worked - it has a very intuitive interface, imagine
a cross between Windows and Mac OS - but following problems

1) I missed a couple of important driver discs. OOOPS!

2) I had no idea how to access our internet router.
In fact, I did it only SOMEHOW, and remember
doing...stuff...and it just worked. And without access
to the internet, I was pretty much screwed - no software.

3) Now that I re-installed Windows XP, I found out
that the missing driver discs still pose a problem -
I can´t install my scanner, and the drivers I loaded
from the web don´t work somehow. My soundcard
doesn´t work, the USB detection doesn´t respond, and
I have no idea how to access my homepage ( I remember
having the needed data SOMEWHERE).

And being unable to scan in drawings, I can only
pray to get it working again, since another assigment
is drawing near. How is it possible that PCs are so
widespread today, but handling them is still so
incredibly cryptic? I still believe that installing
our internet connection was some kind of black

I am also missing all of my website bookmarks
(which is way more annoying than I thought).

Maybe hitting against the screen and clicking the
mouse real hard will make everything okay again.


No, it doesn´t. Too bad.


Jon said...

awww, that's so sad.

Jeannette said...

this is the problem with sharing computers. jon did not write that comment, i did.

Mac McRae said...

I can't wait for the days when the os is totally transparent. I want to hook up my wacom tablet and scanner and not even have to look at a gui to start making art. You just about have to be a code monkey to get linux to run well.