Running up/between that hill(s)

Oh, I just see that I didn´t adjust the contrast
setting right - the picture is a bit grey. You´ll only
notice if you have an elite monitor as I do, though (the cheapest
one they had at the store)!

Did this one in biro pen again, and I noticed
an interesting thing - across all brands, the blue
ones are always a LOT smoother and work better than
the black ones. This one is drawn with a blue one,
too, as after scanning it in grayscale it doesn´t make
a difference anyways. Plus, it is a really nice blue tone,
somehow satisfying to use. A nice change from all
the boring black.


Jeannette said...

awesome. i like the cloud & moon. and those boots.

Mistaboppis said...

Rosa Söckchen, wie süß!

Ich denk an dich, du Würstchen. Deshalb hab ich dir auch was Schönes von Ikea mitgebracht, du wirst dich freuen!


Anonymous said...

You're putting more and more hatching to your images fred.. (*you must REALLY be loving your pens!)

Good work!

I love the "running man" energy on this one. And those cheeky-coloured shorts and a PLUS ;)

Cheers my man!!

Maarit said...

Love the energy too, especially the way the left leg seems to disappear in the horizon.

esillustration said...