My love for the utterly brilliant,
aforementioned Faber Castell PITT artist
pens with brush tip is growing. It takes a
pretty rapid slowdown of pace and I started to
put together each line by doing a lot of small,
concentrated brushstrokes, and I am pretty
pleased with the results.

(Yeah, this looks a bit similar to the last one
I posted, but I am trying to get a grip on
proper faces and heads, as opposed to the
"lazy excuse" for heads I did in the past.)

I am also planning to do another
take on my calendar assignment, as I am
pretty unsatisfied with it now. It´s obsessed
with unnecessary details while looking boring
and lifeless - it´s too technical (in lack of a better
term to describe it). But on the most basic level,
look at the lines. They are DEAD. Totally uninteresting.
I can´t imagine anyone who wants to look at this
for a whole month. And besides, I couldn´t
shake the feeling of ripping off Elizabeth Siegel
the whole time. See-through bodies are her
idea, and I have no right to copy it.


There is only a tiny
number of pictures from the past
that I still like, no matter how
old they are, but they are rare
and show me
how seldom I really nail a perfect image.
Most older
stuff tends to bore me quickly.

Whenever I do a drawing I really like, I get
a quick rush from it, an unmatched satisfaction. But
it wears off quickly, which forces me to keep on
working on my style.

I am still slacking around on

too many days (bare in mind I don´t have a job
on the side or anything, so it´s really just pure
laziness), but my main motivation is
to impress and surprise myself
and - hopefully! - others.

February 21 is the next assignment deadline,
and I am planning to share my progress on the
planned new contribution with you this time around.
I am looking forward to it!


Jeannette said...

I've always liked your first dozen blog posts the best. I thought you were a crazy man and I didnt know where you were coming from.

And Liz is just copying Nickelodeon's Inside Out Boy. There is no such thing as original.

(liz never told me that, i just like talking shit)

Frederik Jurk said...

Uuh yeah, I remember him from the first time we had Nick here in germany. (It went off the air a few years after and after a couple of years it is back now.) At least she is copying cross-media and does it well!

esillustration said...

I actually got the idea for the inside outs from a few different artists. Your art is very different than mine and I was flattered that I could be an inspiration. My favorite artist is actually a boy named Michael. I am obsessed with his work. You can check it out here: http://deforgeo.livejournal.com/

Look through all of his art. Maybe you will like him too.

ksklein said...

I love the PITT pens too. I just started using them a week ago. I always used to use Sharpies for everything. But the pages of the moleskine sketchbooks are not thick enought for them. The PITTs are a great substitute.