IF: Sprout

Here on my blog, it´s an ongoing
tradition of taking pictures I did and modifying
so that they fit each weeks Illustration Friday
topic. So yeah, it´s a pretty cheap way of being
able to submit something.

This one turned out a bit blurry and
the colours are still a bit of a problem -
I need a better scanner someday.


Oh, and JeaNnette
tagged me. I am not feeling like posting
comments on six blogs right now, but I´ll happily
state 6 weird things. I´ll quote from her blog:

Each person who gets tagged needs to write a blog post
of their own 6 weird things and clearly state this rule. After you state your
6 weird things, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their
names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you're tagged" in their
comments and tell them to read your blog for information as to what it means.

Weird things GO GO GO!

1. A couple of days ago I played Castlevania:
Portrait Of Ruin on my Nintendo DS for almost 16 hours
with only minor breaks and ate cake and drank a beer.
Oh wait, that´s not weird, that´s just pathetic.
Not as pathetic as playing World Of Warcraft and
peeing in an empty soda bottle, though. I am
sophisticated than that.

2. I do push-ups even though I hate
sports. But it´s cheap and effective.

3. I like both green tea
and coffee. WEIRD!!!

4. I had a Playstation 2 once, then
sold it, then bought a new one, and sold that
one two. Don´t ask for more details.

5. I fell down the stairs when I was
a little kid (you can probably tell already), and broke
my arm, and the upper arm bone sticked out in a
a gory looking way.

6. I made my own "radio station" by
making tapes of myself talking and playing music -
till I was about fourteen or so. But I still like to
talk a lot.


Jeannette said...

Ok, you and Liz have one thing in common. I wont tell which one. She'd kill me. hehehehe

Nice emo drawing.

And who said anything about suicide? I just like being blindfolded and putting things in my mouth.

two n's

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

I like your art style, there is a lot of humor to it and an underlying saddness.

NOW Cake and beer, that's a meal of champions!

Ariel said...

Dude.. this came out perfect! (*what scanner problem?)

Do these characters resemble you in any way? cause if so.. the here's waldo sweater are SO in right now ;)

To answer your questions from my blog, unfortunately, that's not my design on the tee. My buddy Jon(creator of yamroll) made it as an end of the series tee. I thought it was awesome.. (*a slain beast)

The picture is kinda neat i must admit. My gf took it while i wasn't paying attention.. heehee.. Those are always the best photos :)

*And yes, i'm stretching ;)

Hope you have better luck with your "supposed" scanning problem Fred.

Cheers my man!