A man must post what a man has to post

Again, a couple of days with no
substantial effort, and it shows.
After a certain break I really need to
warm up my gears again, and it takes a
couple of days to produce good results.

Self-motivation is a hard thing, and un-
fortunately I am not one of those who just
HAVE to draw all day. I like drawing, but alas,
other things get in the way all the time. I am
still figuring out how I should work - today I did
short drawing sessions alternated with short
periods of doing something else, and it worked
somehow - I learned to always come BACK to
drawing again, even if I had my Nintendo running
at the same time.

Draw - play - draw - play -
draw - play - play - internet - play - draw a bit - play -
internet - some more internet....
Well, I am learning.

Oh god, I haven´t even been outside

the whole day, and now it´s 00:53 am
already. Time for a walk in the frosty night!


Jeannette said...

I call the time I'm not drawin my 'thinkin time.' and i claim to just be thinkin about something to draw.

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

As a creative person, I am finding that I must guard myself from some things of this world otherwise it's hard to be creative. I sort of hate that though. Your illustration work is terrific!

I don't create all the time, I sort of go in spurts, with better spurts when I'm taking good care of myself!