Why do you hate me so much, Blogger?

Okay, I was about to show you a snapshot
of my sketchbook collection, but Blogger refuses to
upload the data, so - meeeh.

Anyway, you should check out
Jo Mateix
(I HOPE this is your name, correct me if
I am wrong). As some of you have already
seen, he portraited me, and it turned out
very excellent. He´s very talented, that´s
pretty much all I know.

I have to say that I almost

overlooked his comment, since it was a
(broken) link and I thought it was spam
or something. I wish I could upload this
piece, but, you see, Blogger... man, what´s
up with this. Usually, Google stuff simply

(And I am a bit ashamed, but I am not even sure
what language your blog is written in. It looks like
a mix of french and spain to me. Please let me know.)

And don´t expect much updates till maybe
saturday, I am busy doing this calendar piece.
I bought paper in the right size today, and
it´s 60x75 centimetres, which is HUGE.
I have no idea where I should put this kind
of space, let alone draw something on it.
Of course I could do something smaller and
upscale it for the calendar, but I guess I want
this challenge.

I can´t even just put it on my desk.
I will have to draw on the ground, or put
it on our big kitchen table.

(Japanese emoticon following:)


1 comment:

Ariel said...

This guy's drawing is pretty good.. though he forgot to take the pen "clip" off your pen.. haha.. ;)

That IS weird.. about his language. I'm spanish, and i KNOW it's not spanish. It may be italian. But there's some french-like words in there too.. *I don't knoooow... :/

Good luck with your assignment Fred. And you just gave me an idea for a sketch.. (Fred drawing on the floor :o

Don't cross your fingers though.. i may not do it :) (*may!)

Cheers my man!