We are the robots

Robots don´t need scarves,
they just wear them because they
think they are fashionable.

This one isn´t coloured either
(as you can tell - if you don´t have ADD or
something), because I am trying to get off
the PC a bit in general, and spend more
time doing other stuff, reading,

cooking or whatever. Or smooching Merle!
Or finally doing the dished on a daily basis.

Staring on the same boring screen for hours
isn´t that fun to begin with, and colouring is
still a chore; so I´ll spend those hours on
more drawing (and smooching) instead.


Anonymous said...

Great post Fred...

I completely agree with you. Computers sometimes take too much of our time, that we let our daily life go to rot! (*I washed my dishes today btw allegra :o)

Colouring is also fun.. but takes time too. I'm trying to do only a few colour pieces per month(out of all the thumnails and doodles i do)Time to get picky eh?..

That's also the beauty of your work fred, that your pieces work both in colour.. and b&w.

*Love the accordion knees btw :)

cheers my man!


Jeannette said...

Love this robot, he is so fun. The hands are excellent. Do you giggle while you draw?

I just watched Harry Potter for the first time, at Liz's house (shout out! holla!), that scarf looks like the one's the kids wore.

And I think it looks great in black and white. Enjoy the real world for a little while, while you still can. Before these robots take over the planet.

AG said...

ah.. i totally understand what you mean about quality time lost to computers. I love your illustrations in black and white! your coloured pieces work well but personally i love b/w more. heh.

John Reddinger said...

I agree that your stuff looks good either way. Have you ever tried coloring it non-digitally though? Watercolors would be really cool.

Also, isn't you post title a Kraftwerk song? Rock on.

Jeannette said...

I have to stop checking your blog every 10 minutes for a new post. I'll just accept that you threw your computer out the window in a fit of rage.

jim bradshaw said...

I love your robot but even more I love your new header. I think it is my favorite FredirikJurksofar. It's hip, it's great on the eyes and btw your rant cracked me up. I love that you ranted and then mini ranted about rants. Keep pumping out the cool, electric, futuristic drawings bro.

Mac McRae said...

Excellent piece. I love all of them.
Great blog frederik.