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Above: Weird shapes

Let´s all take a look at the header of this
blog, shall we? ("Shall we?" comes up
frequently in two of my favourite YouTube
subscriptions, and it gets annoying after the
tenth time or so.)

Yeah, it´s a new one - I intended it
for my website I am trying to rebuild since
a couple of weeks, but unfortunately, drawing
stuff and posting here always gets in the way.
I only know basic HTML so this is not going to
be much actual work, but it´s not very exciting to
do. Well, at least I am not going to use
Flash. Boy, I hate Flash. Not in places
where it is actually doing something useful,
but I find illustrator sites that have "Loading!"
bars and moving stuff plastered all over them
replusive. I am not a web designer.

I also believe in functional aesthetics - something
that just works without any bells and whistles is
fine with me. I believe that the reason Google
got so popular as a search engine is not because
they are so good (I don´t think they find things better
than Yahoo or Lycos or whatever; I could be wrong though,
but I do not care) - but because it´s the title, a search bar,
and a "search" button (well, there´s more to it,
but let me simplify it as an example). So there aren´t annoying
ads, moving stuff, Loading! bars, scrolling crap,
embedded audio, auto-loading video clips, add-ons you
need to, well, add on - everything is stripped down
to the essence, and there you go.

Things should just work. There are
thousands of products out there that try to do
more and fail at the most basic level:

Hip looking jackets with no pockets. Parkas
that don´t even cover the kidneys (Ariel knows what
I am talking about)
. Cell phones that have cameras
and mp3-players in them, yet choke at every button
press I do. Micro-backpacks that carry a can of
soda, maximum. All those coffee machines that
cost a thousand bucks when all you need is a
ceramic filter to put on top of your cup.
I could go on and on.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I
think this is also reflected in my illustration work.
I am trying to strap my repertoire down to the most
interesting parts, putting more tension into it, and leaving
the distracting, useless information out.

Whoa, my first rant. I don´t like the word
"rant". Sounds pretentious somehow. Someone
should do a rant about rants.

And I hope you like my new "piece" (that´s
a stupid word too). My girlfriend is doing Sudoku and
swearing a lot because of it just as I´m typing this.


Alina Chau said...

beautiful unique design!

Jeannette said...

Beautiful romantic header. very nice. i like your ever-changing headers and profile pictures.

And your new profile picture... bathroom mirror shots are always hilarious and cliche and awesome. and is that a Starbucks Frappuccino® trying to escape from that tiny window? I am going to miss the naked-sock picture, though. I think I forgot to save it while it was up. Liz will miss it too, I'm sure.

And, thirdly, you are so jealous of the enormous amounts of comments on my sketchblog. But, I am so jealous of your artwork, so you win, hands down. Plus, at least half of the comments are from you and Liz, anyway.

As far as websites, I managed to pull a simple one together with only some minimal HTML knowledge. It seems to get the job done. People get confused easily, so I dont want to overwhelm anyone with a lot of buttons to press. Some [stupid] people dont even know to click the icons on www.JimmyJaneSays.com to view the whole piece.

I hope your 2007 has been wonderful and exciting so far.


Ariel said...

wow... what a novel. (now here's mine ;)

But a good novel at that fred :) rants are ok! I go on them a few times. Though, i kick myself for them when i find out they did more hard than good. But nothings perfect right?

I'm finding it harder and harder to "read" your drawings fred.. but maybe thats a good thing! I mean, that's what you're saying in your post.. that you're baring to the bare necessaries here. Good for you. You've always been a fan of looking at things from a different perspective, and i applaude you for it.

Our styles and senses of humour are somewhat different i think... but we care about about similar things too(*ie. technology going to the dogs!) I swear.. i can draw about the downward spiral of tech gadgets till my hart falls off..haha.. and i will too!

well.. that's "my" rant :) Going back to work today. You're so lucky you get to work on portfolio stuff everyday. Maybe this summer i'll take two months off to do that. Maybe then, i'll get to maybe 1/8th of what you've accomplished.

happy january2nd fred!! your buddy..