Schwere See, Schwere See - Mein Herz

Mister Buzzcut. Not associated with
Buffcoat & Beaver in any way.

Turned out my cute little sore throat
is a proper inflammation plus some little
dots of herpes. Urgh. On the bright side,
I take penicillin now and am officially sick.
So I layed around in a haze for some hours
listening to some new CDs, and now trying
to get something done very carefully.

(The title is a quote from a very
good song from a german band called
"Element Of Crime" - I like the idea
of you people seing that line and thinking
"hey, that must be german".)

My doctor is just a few meters down
the street, and this saved me a waiting
period of 45 minutes, luckily. He is a
nice young guy and as I said how much it
sucks that I won´t be allowed to smooch
Merle (you might recall this topic) for two
days, he replied "Well, Salvador Dali
never kissed in his whole live".

Yeah, and Van Gogh cut of
his ear on a drug trip. I have no
idea what he wanted to say with that.

Who are those people that submit
their IF links TWICE? I want you to know
that I NEVER click on links that try to
grab my attention by taking up more space,
ever. Really. It looks so desperate.


Anonymous said...

WoW Fred! This post made my day... :)

I too made a comment on some person's blog about submitting more than one if's. I made it sound like a joke, but maybe i shouldnt have(*I'll send them your link ;)

Great drawing yet again! Love the spine dots on the back.

Hope you get well soon man.. it's not quite the same going into your blog everyday(that's right, every day) and not finding a post. But that's ok. One day, i'll too be sick, and i wouldnt want anyone harrasing me about "why you not on-line man?!" ... sheeshh... dont need that :)

Anyway, get well.. and we'll talk soon!


August Schwimmer said...

...und vom schwimmbad kommen die, die nicht ertrunken sind...
...wenn du nicht rauskommst, spring ich zu dir rein!...

cristosova said...

So soll es den Seeleuten auf See dann wohl auch ergehen!
Good linework.

Dave M! said...

Great work, in any language. My Eye Friday

Detlef said...

I dig this one.

Jeannette said...

You're angry. You have a score to settle. You shaved your head in a fury. I like your drawing.

I think some people mess up when they submit their link to IF, so they try again. I've had to do that before.

So, both of us have tattooed people on our "buzz" posts. Are you copying me? Haha, just kidding. It just means my attempt at cross-global telepathy is working! Finally!

Anonymous said...

Glad you've gotten used to my bg colour Fred. I KNEW you had a problem with it... ;) I'm actually thinking of changing it again(sigh) I know.. i suck.

I hate to report.. but an e-buddy of mine from illustration friday(who regularly comments.. which is good) is posting multiple entries. (*these are no "posting mistake" doubles)

I'm reluctant to mention this to him. I dont know the guy.. and he's got a "unique" sense of humour. I dont know how he would take it.

What would you do?

Get weel Fred!


VANMO said...

Wow. I like your drawing! The solution: Echinacea. Sounds like a commercial but it helped me from surviving my two weeks ago übersore throat.

kookyknut said...

very edgy, i like it.