Fresh hot new work in progress

I started working on this ridiculously big
BLANKET of Bristol board (which is perfectly
suited for my way of drawing - I consider picking
up some more, maybe it gets cheaper in big
amounts) but scraped it halfway through.
Actually, I hardly started, because drawing
on a surface that is as high as half of your body when
you´re used to pretty small paper sizes is
very disorienting. I felt that I have
absolutely no control over the paper,
let alone proper composition and such...

And besides, there was no reason to do this.
What should I do with the added space? More
details? The lines from my ink pen is laughably
thin in relation to the whole image. So what you see
above is roughly double the size of what I use to
do my day-to-day pictures in (a bit shorter)
and I had to scan in the top first, then the
bottom, and then combine them. Wasn´t as
much hassle as I thought, so I have
the whole tomorrow for colouring and
cleaning the image up (there are a couple
of lines that need to be erased, and the torso
of the right character will not be filled with
a solid black).

Too bad I will have to buy a truckload
of RAM tomorrow. Fooling around with this image
in grayscale was pretty OK, with waiting periods
only when saving and skaling, but changing the file to
COLOR is a WHOLE different story. And GIMP,
as nice as a free software can be, crashes from time
to time, and working in this size will be a nightmare
with only 512mb RAM.

And to further complicate
this whole business, I have absolutely
NO idea what kind of RAM I need. My
interest in computer hardware ended when
I turned 16 - I guess I´ll have to open my PC
and check out what´s inside. God, I really
don´t want to do that, but I guess I have no

And for those who missed it, the topic
of this illustration class assignment is
"Managment of hospital workflow".
We still have a lot of time for the final
illo, but in all honesty, I want to finish this
one now to have it off my back, and be able
to MAYBE come up with an alternate version
without any pressure.


Jeannette said...

School's holding you back, bro. But, dont ever leave because it is scary out here.

Anyway, I was tagged. So now obviously I'm tagging you. And you have to check my blog for the details.

And I like this drawing, too. You'll be a commercial success I just know it. Hospitals will be banging down your door.


Anonymous said...

holy crap!.. There's a novel to read here!!

hmm.. better read it..

BTW.. stunning image as usual ;)


Anonymous said...

aahh.. ok i'm done.

First off.. just out of curiousity, do you use your class illos on this blog?(I'd like to see them if you dont)

i too know nothing about RAM(*i wanna keep it that way)

OH.. i'll post this thumbnail i did at work today(tomorrow for you it think) of "someone" drawing a HUGE pad of paper on the floor.

Dont' worry.. it's not you ;) But i couldn't get this image out of my mind, i had to draw it(heehee)

Anyway.. good luck on getting RAM, and success on your project. I wished i was back in school.....