At first I was lazy but now I am not

Oh my god, he´s peeing on the ground.


Rico said...

Like your work! Good stuff here!
Have linked to you.


Margarida Girão said...

Uh la la!!!

Very good. This work and the others.

Jeannette said...

Frederik, you really should log in when you post comments. Unless that was you who wrote:
"You're so beautiful Jeannette. Will you marry me?
Fred (too lazy to log in)"
And if it was you, thanks but no, I won't.


And I like the concept of this piece.


Rico said...

Yes, my parents are Austrian... aber ich bin in Suedafrika aufgewachsen... kann noch so einigermassen mit Deutsch zurechtkommen ;-)

BINO said...

Nice style man I love it!
and i also like your new profile's picture!



Mac McRae said...

I think it is very cool that you are as surprised by what comes out of your subconscious as we are. Very intriguing stuff with a nice punk aesthetic. Should be a fugazi album cover.