I´ve got 512mb, why don´t you RAM it up your butt?

Oh boy, how I love
technology. Remember I bought RAM?
512mb? 400mhz? (yeah, RAM has megahertz! I
couldn´t believe it myself!) DDR-RAM? Those specifications
should be enough, am I wrong? Turns out I was.

The little number CL2.5 on one memory unit and
CL3.0 on the other indicate something with "timing".
So after I inserted the new RAM and Windows accepted
it, my PC started to behave irritating. Sometimes
everything locked up and the screen went blank.
Navigating my folders took longer. Booting up
took longer. Editing pictures took longer.
Making long posts took longer. Making even
longer posts took even longer. EVERYTHING
took longer.

Took new RAM out, PC working fine.
80 euros down the drain. I can´t even return
it because it isn´t broken. It just has another
timing than my other memory unit - nevermind
it is the same TYPE and has the same MEGAHERTZ.
This is the last time I open my PC to
put any pieces in or out. I will instead
simply buy a new PC every year. I will stack them
up until they reach the ceiling.

I really wonder how PCs could get this
successful and widespread even though
operating them is so frustrating, counter-intuitive
and irritating.
Ever installed Internet?
Most complicated
procedure ever.


Before you fall asleep and your head
damages your keyboard or the mouse, please
check out this new blog from Meg Hunt:

Trade Secrets

She trades secrets about illustration,
promotion in particular. Very worthwhile.


Jeannette said...

you're a funny one.

Ariel said...

Yaooohzers Fred... I feel for ya. I really do.

I've yet to have problems on my pc, but i'm dreading the day i do! I'll probably just buy a new one myself.

That Trade Secrets site is amazing eh? It's good hearing other people's experiences too.. Great site.

Hope your German winter's going good! (*you like to come to -25 degree chills??)