Everbody must dance

Making myself a pizza now, even though
I still suffer from hellish pain when I swallow
something. I don´t care anymore.
I wasted the past three (err, four) days
with self-pity, but I think Merle is starting
to be annoyed by that, so I am switching to the
"taking it like a man" strategy.

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Anonymous said...

haha.. every so often i too find myself drawing dancing figures like these(*but not like "these", these are just way superior than my stick figures..)

Sorry i cant supply you with any advice about your throat. All i can say is stay warm(inside), drink plenty water, and ask Merle to relax. You guys should be a team!! :)

Get well buddy!

PS- I'm posting "work related stuff now cause that's what's taking most of my time. I think i may seriously take some months off to explore illustration more. I really like it :)