I guess you have noticed a heavy slow
down in updates on my blog in the last time...
Well, for one, I am having a sore throat and right
now it´s the third day and every time I need to
swallow I get more angry. Adding to that I can barely
sleep at night, because lying in the dark takes
away all distraction from this nasty pain.

I mean I have headaches quite regularly, but
sore throat is a different beast for sure. It makes me
go nuts. Right now I stopped eating pepermints
and sage drops and switched to drinking lots
and lots of hot tap water. I hope that this will
help. At least it will keep me hydrated properly.

In the meantime, I hope that I can do

a IF submission, or some sketches at least.

And if anyone knows a quick cure
for sore throat besides Harakiri,
don´t hold it back. Please.

This picture I found is not related to this post at all, but
seeing Ernesto "Che" Guevara surrounded by
a crowd of vector editing windows has big
comedic potential, but I am feeling to sick to come
up with something fitting. One thing is for sure,
though: The font right under his chin ruins this
classical piece totally. I am not sure yet
how a revolution should be started, but certainly
not THAT way.


Ariel said...

Sorry to hear about the sore throat Fred ;)

For me, room temperature water is good for the throat(*i dont know about hot water)

Hope you get better soon buddy :)

Jeannette said...

My mom used to make me put salt in warm water and gargle.

AG said...

man, that sucks. try drinking warm (not hot) water with a little honey and lemon. that works for me. herbal candies work too.