The best cars of the world! (IN the world? ON the world?...)

My, what a nice little automobile.
Doesn´t have a steering wheel, which is a
bit strange. Maybe it´s mind controlled.

This car has a lot of RAW, UNLEASHED POWER.
It´s even stronger than a T-Rex!
(Okay, maybe not THAT strong. Nothing
compares to Dinosaurs; not even Transformers.)

Those roads form a shape that reminds me
of this Jesus Fish. A hidden religious
message? Who knows?

Now this one is more generic again.
I really hate cars, I don´t drive them, I don´t
have the money to buy and maintain one, I get
sick inside them and they are speeding, ramming
death machines.

But I do like drawing them.


Jo mateix said...

you are my idol.

esillustration said...

O WOW! The smoke coming out of the first car looks like a squirrel tail!!!!! Thanks for linking to my new website! i'm so happy you found me. When I get a links page added to my site I will definitely put you on there :-) !!!!

Jeannette said...

so does fred officially endorse jesus? what does it all mean?

Ariel said...

Tha jesus fish highway cracked me up... haha..

Wayddago Fred :) (*From Bangkok!)


Anonymous said...

you suck

janith said...

you draw like a baby