Alle Vögel sind schon da...

...alle Vögel, alle!

That´s an old german song meaning
"All the birds are here already, all of them!",
which, obviously, is praising the arrival of spring.

And man, praising it I am. The last couple of
days were an absolute joy, I went to my school by
foot (both ways sum up to maybe an hour of walking),
along the beautiful Eilbek-canal, with flowers blooming
and green-yellowish trees. It was a physical feeling of leaving
the bleak winter days behind.

Today it´s a bit colder again, but I am enjoying
getting outside more often. I don´t like to be
a shut-in couch potato by any means.

I also fixed my totally ruined sleeping
patterns - during the last weeks, I went to bed
at 5am more often than not. I think that this really
affected my health, so I am going to bed between 10 and 11pm
and setting my alarm clock to 8am strictly. The first days were
heavy, but now I feel that much better
. Makes me feel like
a normal member of society again!

1 comment:

Jeannette said...

congrats on rejoining society!

and in this piece, i do like the little teal bubble of color between the legs. works very well!