King of the bongo/conga/djembe

You should all know by now that
you can CLICK on every image here
to ENLARGE it, you noobs!

This drawing is pretty small even
for my standard, and I do rarely go over
DIN A4 (magazine or letter-size). This one is about
the size of my hand. But lately I discovered that my drawings
do not benefit from drawing on large formats.
Drawing on tiny space has a magic of its
own. Too bad it´s ruining my back. I need a proper
drawing surface and not just my plain old IKEA desk.

Plus, smaller paper is much cheaper
and oh so much easier to handle. I recently
threw away buckets of useless "sketches" (pieces of
paper with a few half-assed lines on them), and decided
that all this sketching got me nowhere; it´s the
concentrated, detailed pieces that make me

Also, I presented my Pinocchio submission
a few days ago, and the colors, while still looking
OK, are pretty different in print compared to how they appear on
my screen. So I went through a couple of settings in my
monitor, and man, I had no idea what to choose.
So I took "sRGB" since in that mode I don´t
have to mess around with contrast and brightness
settings. (Whatever...)


AG said...

for some reason everytime i see your work i'm always struck by the honesty in them. the line quality and the colour, it seems so right

:D enjoying your work!

The Gross Uncle said...

I have been following your blog for a little while now, and I really love your work.

You have a great original style, keep it up.

Jeannette said...

i love to click to enlarge