That´s right, a new illustration assignment.
This time around, we only have time till April 16th,
and it´s a welcome change of pace. Makes me forget
my mediocre calendar submissions. We are supposed to
read the book, select a chapter and illustrate it. Here
is the English part (quotes from WikiSource - you can
actually read the whole book in Wikipedia!):

"He returned home as wet as a rag, and tired out from weariness and hunger.
As he no longer had any strength left with which to stand,
he sat down on a little stool and put his two feet on the stove to dry them.
There he fell asleep, and while he slept, his wooden feet began to burn.
Slowly, very slowly, they blackened and turned to ashes.
Pinocchio snored away happily as if his feet were not his own."

I decided to wake him up before his feet completely
burn away. It´s a pretty heavy part of the story, but
that´s what made it interesting to me.

Oh, and by the way, the german version doesn´t
mention a stool. Seems to be "lost in translation"
(I love that movie). Also, Blogger likes to mess around
with my letters again, I don´t know why this has to look
so ugly, but...meeh. "Stool" sounds very similar
in german, "Stuhl". It also means "poop" (in more
academic terms). Ah! Enough of that.


Jeannette said...

stool means poop in english too. or is that what you mean?

Anonymous said...

Awesome illustration Fred. I dig the flames. Your colors jive nicely too. Your work goes well with a funky book narrative.

Lost my damn blogger username.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Fred. This one's way more detailed than your others. I don't know whether i like it more or not.

Either way, great work as usual ;)