Headfirst into a world of pain

Skateboarding - know any other sport
that is so common and widespread, yet so
incredibly painful and masochistic? I guess
everyone in the western world has seen
some footage of a skater boy falling off a rail
and getting his crotch mashed to a pulp.
Yesterday we saw some "funny homevideo" show
(Aaw, those cute dogs and cats doing off-the-wall random
stuff really get me each time!), and in one clip a guy
fell of his board and got his leg stuck between the handrail
and the concrete wall.

The only wheels he´s going to ride from now
on is the wheelchair! (Well, not really, he
seemed to have gotten away with that).
Sliding one some steel pipe with
a wood board doesn´t justify this kind of risk for
me. I may be overly cautious in every day life
(I barely even jump down a couple of steps to save time,
let alone do stuff that could hurt my hand - or my eyes - I need
both for playing Nintendo, and some occasional drawing), but
I really appreciate a healthy, complete and unbroken

Oh and yeah, that´s a skyscraper in the
picture. Now that´s yet another long story...

Oh, and my fuel cell illustration got
accepted! Whew! Even though I missed the
printing appointment and had to reach in some
very sub-standard and way too tiny printouts.
I really trusted my luck on that one, but it worked!


Jeannette said...

i just saw the movie `cashback' and there were some stunts gone wrong in it. if you do see the movie (which i suggest) keep in mind it is my life. especially the staring at peas part.

Anonymous said...

Would the "tower" top be a "cement block".. like if calling the sk8r dude "block head"?

I used to skate back in the day and it's super fun. You're right, its dangerous, but it also gets you out of your shell. I wouldnt ever do this now, because like you, i cherrish my arms and hands.

You putting an IF image this week? I'm stummped with this one..*Thanx Jeannette ;)