A ingridible update

Look at this! I moved around a couple of things
in my room today, and found some childhood drawings
in a dusty box. Isn´t this ingridible? REX- KING OF DINOSAURS.
Must have made them when I was about eight or ten or something.
Take note how everything is written in English. English was
the COOL language back then. But back then nobody
screamed "We must secure our wonderful german
language!" Just for the record, I love using both.

I even distinctively remember where I learned
the word that´s supposed to mean "incredible" from:
"The incredible Spiderman" Gameboy cartridge.
Back then games were so hard that they made
us cry. One time my Gameboy even ran so hot that
it crashed all the time. That was another game,

"His Hair is Blue and his Schort is
Yellow! Who it is? FJ!"

That must have been back in the early
nineties, when manga and anime were
almost unknown. He still does look like
Dragonball or something. Maybe the exposure
to Nintendo games made me do this. And
he´s wearing "Sonic The Hedgehog" sneakers.
Sonic was THE BOMB back then.


Jeannette said...

I love these.

Oh, and Sonic is still the BOMB.

Jeannette said...

I was looking at the bottom one again. I enjoy the molding and mouse hole.

I cant wait to teach my summer cartooning class and watch the little geniuses work!