Du de bop da bo bop

A belltower giraffe.
´cept for the bushy tail, of course.

And a new version of Pinocchio.

That´s all, folks!


Anonymous said...

*Bell Tower giraffe... wow :) Genious!

Your new Pinocchio looks amazing. These colours really punch it up!

And you're right, i do look younger with a shave ;) (It's rare though... enjoy it!)

El Gaucho dibujador

Jeannette said...

does ariel change his photo everyday? wow. who is he hiding from?

Anonymous said...

You got me jeannette :)

Actually, i've been told by the wife to "tone down" my commenting on blogs. Apparently i'm getting "too sensitive" and "controversial" when it comes to talking with people in my industry(animation). And it's true, it's a small industry. I wouldn't want to get into someone's bad books... cause everyone knows eachother(mostly)

And besides.. i'm keeping things fresh and up-to-day with my pic :)

*Did i mention that yours was good too?..

**I've been meaning to put a drawn picture of me for a while.. but i dont' have one of me. And i actually want people to know who i look like than a drawing. I feel it's more honest-er..

***ok.. i'm done(I know, it got long..)

Johnnynorms said...

Love them both, especially the burning Pinochio; and for some reason I'm an afficianado of surreal giraffes, and yours is an ace one.

August Schwimmer said...

welche email-adresse ist nochmal deine aktuelle?
du teufelskerl wechselst die ja schneller als andere ihre unterhosen!