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"Anansi detaches the wisdom he

This is an illustration of an african folkore
figure, Anansi the Spider. In this particular
story he collects the wisdom of the world in
a calabash (a container), then tries to hide
it on top of a large tree. He binds the
calabash to his stomach, but he keeps getting
stuck in the tree. When his son points out
that he needs to put the calabash on
his back to get to the top, he realizes
that the wisdom he collected did not
make him wise, so he releases the wisdom
back into the world.

You can see older versions of this
one on my Flickr account if you like
(link to the right). Hope y0u like it ;)


Anonymous said...

cool colors (: your illustrations have something magical, me likes

Juan said...

What a powerful image!

Curious Art said...

Great image & story.

RayGun said...

Fantastic image!

Vhrsti said...

Hi Frederik, I've given you an award :-D
Please come to my blog and pick it up ;-)