Illustration Friday - "Wind"

Here is my contribution to the recent Illustration Friday: "Wind".
This time I am a little early, but it just flowed well today, and I don`t think
I would have enough time later this week since the first concepts in my
Illo class.

And to everyone who commented me so far:
Your positive feedback is very valuable to me.
You really keep me going!
I invite you to come back every
once in a while, you`re always welcome!

Bathtub Love

Autumn time is bubble bath time.



Drawing ghosts for the Illustration Friday was very
satisfying, I loved exaggerating so much.
So here is another one.

Thanks you all for you comments!

My orange record

Heart Rock Coffee

Thank you people for commenting on my illu!
I appreciate every comment, and I was not even expecting
1 comment, let alone 3 - considering that I am new to this whole
thing and seeing how many submissions are coming in to each topic.
So those pictures above are a "thank you" to you.
I´ll take some time to browse your work too.

I wish you good look!


Illustration Friday: Ghost

Here it is - my contribution to the recent illustration friday - "Ghost".
Simply click on the image for larger display.
I created this picture on a single afternoon
(so I was a bit late).

I hope you like it.
Comments are highly appreciated!