What I´ve been up to

Quite a few people remarked that they
miss my blog entries, and to be quite honest I
started to miss them myself. So I will keep both
the Blog and my Flickr account up to date at roughly
the same time; maybe use Flickr for smaller stuff and
the blog for the "big" new illustrations.

These two pictures are the front and the
back of the promo postcard I´m going to
sell at the Frankfurt book fair, along with my
book. I´m going to be there all five days
along with Boris, and I´m wondering
what it´s going to be like.

The original drawing for my books cover.
Unlike the inside, this has an added blue color, and
I used black color pencil for this soft look. I had to
make a few cosmetic changes in order to fit in
with the typography, though. I´ll post some
pictures when I´ve got my hands on the complete
book. I really, really wonder how it will feel to
finally hold it in my hands completely finished
after all these weeks I´ve worked on it, and the rather
big gap between working on the last picture and
the finished book.

I also finished the "Anansi" illustrations but
didn´t get into the Figures Futures contest
catalogue. What´s a bit annoying is that you never
know how things went when you don´t get
anywhere in such a contest - did I get thrown
out at the first round? Did I ALMOST get in there?
What did the jury think of it? It´s really a weird
feeling not getting any feedback. But anyways,
I´m left with two illustrations I´m pretty satisfied
with, so there ;)

...and finally another illo from
my book, this is the inside of the cover -
fictional sponsors for a fictional race.


Willie Baronet said...

LOVE this stuff. Keep posting! :-)

Ben Perkins said...

Your work is really good.
Glad I found your blog.