IF: Tales and Legends

click each one to enlarge, why dontcha

These two people are living legends.

Fellow student Laura (Visit her new blog!)
said that while she liked my little characters,
I never draw women. So here, a woman I
did recently. It was pretty easy. These
are two pieces I wanted to make a whole
book of, but after those two I lost
interest in it. And by that I mean
the following drawings sucked.
Besides, I don´t like frames to much,
I prefer my drawings flowing all
over the page. Or something.

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IF: Plain


"I´m on a plain
I can´t complain."

The first few times I heard this
song I though Kurt Kobain sang
"I´m on a plane, I can´t complain" and
I imagined him sitting comfortably in
a seat high above the air, being satisfied
with the nice service on board.

Now I just think of him as
standing on a field somewhere in the
nature and shrugging his shoulders like
saying "It´s alright."


IF: Stitch

Nicely stitched pants!


IF: 100% (3)

I have 100% no idea what this here is but I
drew it anyways. Also, I am 100% exploiting this
weeks IF topic (again). But still this is
100% valid.

IF:100% (2)

100% toxic fish from our polluted oceans.


IF: 100% //Rooibos

click to enlarge - 100%!!!

With a fresh jug of Rooibos, I am
read to give 100% drawing power in
your face. Yes, that´s me up there.
Well, besides the shirt and the hair and
I wear glasses and don´t use sketchbooks
like that, but otherwise...okay,
that´s not me. It´s somebody else.
I have no idea who he is.

100%! 100%! 100%! Hooray!




I really like the rough look of that
pentel ink pen. Why do I use it so rarely?

Also, I haven´t updated my website
and my IO portfolio in AGES. At least I linked
to this blog instead of my website from my IO
profile, but at the moment I make very little
use of it otherwise. Must be because Blogger
is really a breeze to use, unlike the clunky
IO site structure and the pure horror that
coding a HTML page is.


New Years Eve

Kind of slapping the christmas slumber out
of my face. Well, actually I´ve been working on
my day job for the last weeks, including two
days on christmas and new years eve.
Now I am scrubbing off the stink of
working for "the man" with some doodling
(well, and lots of Super Mario World).