IF: Multiple

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7427 giant work unit with multiple
heads. Those heads are a weak point,
but thankfully it can repair itself.


IF: Theory (4)

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Basic drawing 101.
If you still have any questions,
contact me via the comment section.
Please recap after use.

IF: Theory (3)

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...but is this all just a theory?


IF: Theory (2)

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A german proverb says
"Grau ist alle Theorie", which means
"All theory is grey", saying that only
putting things into practice creates something
worthwile. I thought that those posing dolls
always had something very theoretical
about them.


IF: Theory

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I have no idea what is happening here.
Nope. Not even a theory.

This is a t-shirt design I made
for my girlfriend for our anniversary,
which also happens to be Valentines
Day (aaaaw!). It´s the first time I ever
printed a shirt and I am quite happy with
the outcome.

The only problem I have with it is that the
shirt themselves are a bit transparent, and the print
film around the drawing makes these parts whiter
than the rest of the shirt. Ah, anyways.
If you read this and you happen to be living
in Hamburg, they were made by Eindruck,
a very nice little shop with friendly guys
working there.

Also, please notice that this drawing is
done in my one style, it´s called "effort".
Where most people use pencil tracings, I
just drew and cut and pasted a lot of times.
I even manipulated many thing after scanning
it, including completely drawing the tail in GIMP,
but to my surprise you can´t see all the surgery.

I really have to invest more time into
my drawings before I consider them "finished".
This also means not being as lazy as I used
to be, but on the other hand, doctoring on work
in progress is a lot easier than actually STARTING
a new drawing. Also, using glue and scissors is
a lot of fun. Digital and analogue - best of both


IF: Choose (3)

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"So many heads to choose!"

This is a pretty old piece I did
originally for IF "Mask". I still love
this drawing, it´s one of the few ones
that actually feels like a solid part of me,
so I wanted to share it with you again.

Its weird how I try and try and yet
rarely do something that comes close
to this to me. Maybe I should hang it
up my wall as the only picture and
meditate over it a whole year.
I don´t know if dissecting a
picture like this will result in anything.
Maybe I should take a couple of my
all-time favourite pictures from all
artists I know and try to get behind
what makes them so great.

Because really, when do we ever
do this? We know what we like but
we can´t say why. But there HAS
to be something.


IF: Choose (2)


So much music to choose from.

This is actually a t-shirt design I
made for a friend of mine. If you look
really hard you might be able to see
her name.


IF: Choose

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So many stars to choose from.

I actually made this drawing in my
bed this morning (noon is what I call
morning) right after waking up.
This happens maybe two times
a year. Finally I can brag about
my self-discipline ONCE! Whooo!

Ah yeah, on regular days I "check
my emails" for about two hours a time
three times a day and generally waste
my time like... erm... like someone
who is wasting his time really bad.

I am working on it, as you can see.


IF: Blanket (4)

ARGH! Last minute submission!


IF: Blanket (3)

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An old drawing from 2006.
Usually I am against recycling old
material, but I liked it so much that I posted
it. And look, he´s wearing a blanket as
a cape! I like how quirky it is, something
that I lost in a way recently - the carefree energy.
That has to come back!


IF: Blanket (2)

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I wasn´t satisfied with the submission
I did yesterday at all, so here is a wildly
different approach. Hope you like it.


IF: Blanket

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There seems to be quite a load
of stuff under this blanket!


I recently installed a Statcounter
on this blog and it was very interesting
to see from where people are visiting my
blog, take a look at the country list
for instance:

I was pretty surprised to see
Russia and the Arab Emirates so high
on the list. But there is more, you also get
to check from what sites people come from
when they come to your site. For instance,
I found this:

The site is called kak.ru.
Can´t read Russian, but it seems to be something
similar to Drawn.ca. Sometimes the internet
just keeps giving.

And here are some watercolour paintings
I did in the only class I finished this semester
(I was jobbing way to much for my own taste).
I always thought I didn´t like painting, but
this was more "drawing with colour" instead
of proper painting, and a very nice diversion.