I want to see you sue-ÄÄ! ...ehm, what?

Hyper! Hyper!

This drawing reminds me of this.
Ravers, the weirdest dressed people ever.
I was really surprised that those folks exist
outside of Germany.

And Liz, you´re lucky. I cannot afford
my horse anymore. But don´t feed him
peppers and hamburgers, it might get


Blablabla this is the title, okay?

German horses look like that. Really.

You know what´s great about Illustration
blogs? You don´t need to read useless
descriptive drivel. So there!

Messing around

I think I´ll make another post for today,
so for now here´s a bit of an experiment again.
As I said, my knowledge in GIMP is still
pretty rudimentary, so I´ll try something new
once in a while. Nothing groundbreaking,
but turning black lines into coloured ones
is a nice change.

Uuuh, pretty coloured lines.

Monday Shmonday

This picture has very ugly compression issues.

That´s pretty much it. Besides...


...I hate clips on pens. What´s the point? Does anybody
really puts pens on their body with a clip? In the small
pocket on your shirt? On your pants? Stupid. They are just
in the way when I draw, pressing against my hand.
So mostly I decide to take the necessary step:
Snap them off.

The green mechanical pencil turned out best - it´s cheap plastic,
and the sharp pointy edges disappeared after a treatment
with sand paper. The biro pen in the middle has sharp edges
too, so I covered it up with tape - looks pretty crappy.
The white pencil has the remains still showing, and
unfortunately it still has this dumb plastic part that
keeps it from being comfortable.

Clips - made for being snapped off!


Another demon

Boooh! Demon time!
This one was fun.

That´s me

I can´t leave this photo in my profile without commenting
on it. First of all, I have the slight feeling that I caught a
cold from my girlfriend ( so I´ll get that
chainsaw-in-your-throat-time soon too),
and making pictures of yourself while retaining a
natural look is HARD. This is still a rather mediocre
representation of how I look, but believe me, I made
maybe 30 pics (and most of them are blurry, and if
not, I look very ...mentally challenged on them).

Oh, and I have glasses too, and I wear them nearly
all the time - why I thought it would be a good idea
to take them off for a self-portrait is beyond me. Just
print it out, and draw some rectangles around my eyes
with a poster marker; there you go. That´s me.

(Please take note of the bonus dancing feet in the
upper right corner. What a great background.)


IF: Invention

I admit being a bit lazy with my recent
Illustration Friday submission; yesterday wasn´t
a good day for creative vibes somehow, so here is my
revision. I still like the idea and I don´t want to
make Ariel sad since he likes jetpacks as much
as I do (as well as soap detergents ;P ).

Below is the original post.


It´s as small as a backpack, but
instead of putting water bottles, books
and toilet paper in it, you get blasted into
the sky. Enough said.


I had my Illo class today which
is made by two professors, one that I know since years
and the other one a very close colleague who is in the same
vein - talking lenghty about this and that, making me feel
really comfortable (I like people that talk much, because I
like talking much too - I can´t handle awkward silence; and as
you can tell, I like to write much as well) and I learned A LOT

He introduced us to a program that basically is a
calculator for freelance designers to calculate what price
to take for you work to make a living (or get richer). I have
no idea if it´s avaiable in English, in this case I´ll post that -
this is a really valuable tool.

Anyway, thanks to Sergey from designcontest.net
for featuring me. I feel very honoured!
Here´s the link:


So long, good night.


New layouts for my Illo class

In a previous post I told you about my Illo
class project "Medicine-Therapy-Caretaking", and
here are some more layouts (that are due tomorrow).
The topic is dealing with optimizing the workflow
in hospitals.

Those sketches SHOULD be self-explainatory,
if not, I failed. By the way, I enjoyed making up
ideas and concepts for this one, because I did it
while staying in bed the whole morning. That´s great-
laying in bed and still doing work. The sweet side
of being an illustrator.



Here is a revision of the Illo I did yesterday.
Usually I don´t touch my pictures once they are
finished, but the added stuff annoyed me after
a while so here is a cleaner version with new colours.
My initial thought was to delete the post from yesterday
and pretend that I didn´t use all those useless
lines and shades, but for the sake of documentation
I´ll leave it the way it is. I realized that I am no friend
of ornaments and disfunctional decoration, and I
want my drawings to stay as pure as possible
while colouring it.

Beating the drum

It´s good to know I can make a picture
like this above without much trouble on
one day (with much sleeping and enough
breaks to keep my lazy side satisfied).
I am experimenting with some (hopefully)
subtle digital additions besides the colour,
and, well, you can see the results.

That´s all for now. Comments
appreciated, as always.


More sketches

Better than no post at all!

Two bird-people with large tummies.

More demons. Demons all the time.

Scaring innocent pedestrians.

Biro pen on cheapo paper (as always).


Caffeine - Illustrators best friend

I was just skribbling around a bit today, late
in the evening again, and after scanning my
results in I found it to be
rather unexciting, so I
slapped some additional
layers on it and messed
around a bit (I still have to learn what all those
layer options in GIMP are, so the result is
mostly random).

I am quite pleased with the outcome, I am not
used to using much colours, but it fits the rather
dry drawing quite well. That´s why I love digital
editing so much; you can experiment all you want
without being able to ruin everything. Maybe I´ll
explore into that direction some more.


IF: Thanksgiving

The problem is that I don´t live in the US and
have therefore a very rudimentary and generic idea
of what thanksgiving actually is, and no emotional
connection to this subject - and looking it
up in Wikipedia isn´t something I want to do.
We do have a similar occasion in German by
the name "Erntedank", but it is not a big
celebration like Thanksgiving.

Instead, a take on the turkey/turkey wordplay:

Keep in mind that this is not a political caricature
or something, to avoid misunderstandings. It´s just
a weird thing that a bird and a country share
the same name in English.
And making jokes about that is indeed corny.

I hope that in the future we keep getting
topics that anyone can relate to, worldwide.
(Too bad someone already had my initial
idea of someone who is giving a "Thanks"...)

And please, no christmas topics in
december. Please, no. That only invites
stereotypical ideas.

Double Update!

I have no idea what is going on in this picture.
This is the result of drawing straight away,
from left to right, without concept, without
penciling, with a good amount of
randomness in it. I like working that way,
though it doesn´t make sense when illustrating
specific subjects. But it´s good excercise nevertheless.
Man, I had a tough fight when colouring this one -
I used a lot of shades but finally reduced it to only
a few, contrasting colours again. It just works best
right now, and colouring is always my least
favourite part.

The second one remains monochrome -
I don´t think colour is necessary in this one.

What are those grey lines between the text?
Too late, I am hitting the pillows now. Oh, time
to check out this weeks IF topic.


Angry demon REDUX

First of all,
thanks for the truckload of comments

(though its beyond my imaginative powers how
comments could ever fill any truck, but let´s move on),
and especially John Reddinger
for pointing out that a certain Johnny
from drawn.ca found me via my IF submissions
(and of course, thanks to Johnny too!) and linked
me on their site.

I wasn`t expecting being picked

for such a sweet site so early, and have been
found among all the other fantastic submissions
on IF. So here is a variation of the demon
that Johnny took for his post.

This is how I eat breakfast each morning;
mixing sugar and oatmeal with lots of milk
and gulping them down like a hungry
coyote. It´s nutricious and stuffs me
for at least 3 hours.

While I drew and coloured this, I listened
to this all the time. I simply love those guys.

And I love you, people.
So long!

Kudos to the biro pen

Nothing new or revolutionary today. I´ve tried my luck
with some different materials and it didn´t work out
so well. So instead I flipped through a couple of
sketchbooks from earlier this year (those are really
great small books with 144 pages for 3 euro, stitch bound
and linen cover - from the netherlands HEMA store), and
share some sketches.

I used to draw nearly exclusively with biro pen
during the last semesters, and will start using them
again - if done right, biro pen drawings have
a lot of expression, detail and rough power in them.

I remembered writing a Wikipedia entry on that
subject, seeing that biro pens are usually not
considered "art tools" but cheap everyday
supplies (and on a sidenote, the best biros
are usually the cheapest ones, including the french Bic
or the german Schneider pens). And upon
looking it up again, I saw that someone
added pictures going with my article!

So a like-minded individual improved my entry,
and here it is in german:


And, for the non-german readers
(with added auto-translate awkwardness, but
still understandable):


To sum it up, biro-pens are durable, nearly
indestructible, varied, uncomplicated,
cheap and avaiable nearly everywhere. To if
you think you´re too sophisticated to use a
mass-market cheapo product, think again!


Life in the streets

Sk8ter boy? Indeed.
I wanted to colour this one too, but it
turned out ugly, so instead of letting this one
rot away in my desk, I´ll share it with you.

Illo Friday - "Clear"

Oh boy, Illo Friday again. With "Clear" we
have a nice, loose term, which surely will
lead to many different results.
So here is mine. This time
around I didn`t interfere with colour so
much and kept it simple.

In case you are new to my blog,
feel welcome and check out my
other illos if you want.



Medicine - Therapy - Caretaking

I should be in bed now. Why do I always have to work
late in the evening? Oh well. Here is a first idea of
how the aforementioned illo could look
like. See the gap between the upper arm
and the head? I never pencil first but draw
straight away, so I often correct by cutting
and glueing instead. Its just
a pain to correct it digitally afterwards.

So long, good night.

(Random topic stuff)

Another sketch I coloured today. Looks a bit dirty and it
lacks a proper background, but, well...
I am currently busy working on a calendar page

we do for our university; the topic is "management
of therapy, medicine and caretaking in hospitals"
and I noticed how hard conceptual
thinking still is for me.

These are pictures without concept, so don`t
ask what they mean - they just randomly
fall out my head. Not when it comes to
class assignments, though. I need
some drill - badly.

In my early semesters I was completely
consumed by stylistics - sharp and symbolic
thinking is something I wasn`t bothered with.
Studying gets a lot more serious for me during
the last weeks but I like that a lot.



My newest creation - don´t worry, this isn`t my
own mood pictured here. The fountain-pen / brush technique
is growing on me, its much less countour-driven
and very satisfiying to use. After I made this
one, I picked up an old catalogue with poster art
from Poland (50ies till 80ies) which is easily
the most impressive collection of art I have.
Fascinating because they are mostly
commercial posters, advertisments and festival
announcements, but with a very distinctive
feeling of shape, style and colour,
and very sharp concepts. A large number
of them will serve as inspiration for
future ideas and approaches.

So here is a link to let you know what I am talking about:

Polish posters

There are a couple of other drawings waiting
to be coloured, so I will be able to serve you
with frequent updates in the next few days.
Thanks for taking time to comment!


A weird sheep

Yeah, that`s about it.
See you later!

It`s "Smoke" again

Yesterday I complained about not having enough time for
making an original
Illo Friday contribution, but instead
I downed a load of tea an
d started going at it.
I thought about shamefully erasing the last post,
but since you people
already commented on it,
I choose to make a new post. This picture

has some issues, since the paper went wavy and
so there are
blurry spots in the scan. I simply need to
use thicker paper when working
with water... oh, and
besides, I drew this with water-soluble ink and then

went over it with water - I think this makes my drawings
Just tell me what you think.

(FREE bonus sketch for your delight)

And I can`t stop telling you how much I appreciate your
I will not get tired of saying this, it`s like saying
"I love you" over
and over again, because you just
want to make it clear again and again.

It`s really surprising me how motivating this
whole messageboard - blogging -

art community via internet-thing is.
I guess we all should be thankful for this.
Well, I know I am!


Illustration Friday - "Smoke"

[EDIT: There is a new original contribution to "Smoke"
above this post. Yeah, I got myself together at last!]

Ah, what do we have here? I know I posted this picture
for the last Illo Friday already, but at the moment I am a bit
sick of digital colouring, so I will simply sketch and doodle
for a few days. And since this picture fits BOTH wind and
smoke (a lucky coincidence!) I might as well present it again; maybe
some new people will see it who missed it last week.

But to show at least something new, here is a random
sketch I did today. It`s self-explainatory. So anyways,
thanks for your visit! Next time there`s gonna be more stuff to
see. Maybe I´ll get something new for "Smoke" together, with or
without colour. Until then!


Draw Man

This boy has a very special super
power. I doubt that this will get him to save the world,
but at least he`s having fun. He already has got
a super heroes cape and mask!

And thanks again for the many comments on
my last picture!