Drawing fiercely, posting slowly

Actually, that´s not a lie!

I´ve been busy with some "real life stuff"
(because blogging takes place in the internet
and therefore is part of a digital cyberverse
blogosphere cloud computing dreamland and doesn´t
count as "actually doing stuff"), building our
Poste Aérienne blog (link at the top right!)
and drawing submissions and posters
for various projects.

So right now I have my own website,
this blog, our groups blog, and a Flickr
account, all of which is quite a task to keep
updated simultaneously.

As you can tell it doesn´t
work that well.

So yeah, this is some stuff I made.
I swore myself that I wouldn´t point people
to my Flickr account or our Poste Aérienne
blog, but nevertheless this is exactly what
I´m doing. I don´t really think copy/pasting
the same text on all three sites is very
entertaining to read, so I think that this will be my
intimate snotty homebase, and try to be more
professional on the other sites.

In other news, I bought Matcha green tea powder
to make green tea icecream with. It´s one of the
most interesting sweets I´ve ever eaten, and this
is one of the rare cases where I really am ambitious
enough to actually go ahead an try to do it
from scratch. It´s that delicious!