IF: Hats // You´re as cold as ice

A headband is a kind of hat too, right?
Also: Click to enlarge.

The Yeti. He needs no introduction.

Another illustration for my Monster
book assignment. I went for a blue colour scheme
here. In the former version, his scarf and the headband
had stripes, but it turned out to distract from
the other elements too much.


If you are a long-time reader of my blog
(and chances are you are not), this yeti might
actually remind you of something I drew almost
one year ago. If you don´t remember what I am
pointing at, check this link.

Uuuh, just one day away from being
EXACTLY one year ago. That´s pure
coincidence, though!


Vhrsti said...


François Boussuge said...

The blue touches are a great idea: they really give a colder sensation.

Anonymous said...

Nice piece!

neilornstein said...

do yeti eat sheep or protect them from those that do?

Maarit said...

I don't remember how long excactly I've been reading your blog, but I don't think I've seen that sheep. I love it, by the way, use should do more watercolour stuff!

This one is intense, the blue is perfect (the yellow snot is a nice touch too..). I like the way it's tightly cropped, but I can't help wondering how it would look like with some kind of a background colour. It would help define the edges of the drawing and give some kind of contrast to the white fur.

Maarit said...

Looks great!

Diana said...

Yeah! I think the added background colour does a great job! Yeti-boy looks much more "defined" now!

Although I also liked the impression of Yeti-Boy expanding beyond the image in your first take.

Jeannette said...

Oh the sheep! That's when we first fell in love. ;)