Jo Jo Action!

Hey hey, a bit relaxed coloring
here. Like how I playfully run over the lines?
Do you think it looks good? Please say yes, because
it is a lot more fun (which means "less work").
I guess my whole style roots in not caring too much
about neglectable detailing or uptight rendering
(which, again, translates into "less work").
Kidding aside (I am only kind-of kidding here, though),
I love drawing LOTS, but I don´t like spending too
much time on a single piece - especially if it turns
out to be rubbish in the end.

Oh god, it´s "Yoyo" instead of Jojo.
Jo Jo Action is a bad, bad eurodance song by
"Mr. President" (the band, not the president) that
is so BAD that I won´t even link it here.
But since my quest for catchy, upbeat and
nonsensical 80ies pop music continues, I found
this heartwarming gem.
I found it while listening to the Aaron
Carter version for nostalgic reasons
(my little brother used to dance in our
livingroom to that and I wanted to get the lyrics).
"No more charades, my heart´s been displayed."


Anonymous said...

I was about to say something like 'It's Yo-Yo, not Jo-Jo!' but then you beat us to it.

heini gurke said...

yoyo.jojo.magic mojo.
hey, du machst wunderschönen kram. sehr eigenartig im bestmöglichen sinne. mochte ich in der schule schon immer. fein, dass du ein blog hast. fein, dass ichs gefunden habe. schau ich sicher bald wieder rein. gruß.

Maarit said...

I think your "less work" -attitude works like a charm! I have no complaints. The essential is there, has always been.

You really are psyched about the Halloween-contest (that or you're acting well)! At first I was just happy to have made something, but now I'm kind of excited about it too, I hope they decide who won soon.. Good luck to you!

P.S. I like best the car that advertises cool music and diapers. I'm all for them.

Maarit said...

I hadn't even looked at the judges, I had no idea Meg Hunt was one of them! I love her work, too. And the other two are no tourists either. Now I'm thrilled of the thought that they're are all going to have to look at my drawing at least once.

And I'm pretty sure you're among the top three, I would actually bet money on it!

Ariel said...

You're hilarious Fred.. Love the 80' music link ;)

(*How did you know i loved the 80's?!)

I agree with Maarit.... whatever style you do, your foundation is there and they all look good.

Keep up the good work my man :)

And oh... i left a message about you in Maarit's blog. Don't take it to hart, but i thought it was a little extreme reaction to the whole contest thing.

*Besides... your "entire" portfolio has won a contest in my mind ;)


Ariel said...


wow.. i just looked at the JoJO Action song on YouTube... HAHAAAA

I can't believe that played at nightclubs.


Ariel said...

**Oops... i shouldn't talk. I like cheesy 80s tunes :)