New Yeti On The Blog

(*Must not happen)

A litte variation of my Yeti piece.
I have to do it again anyways, and I felt like
experimenting today, so I used the pencil
after a long time, and am surprised how much
livelier (is that a real word?) it looks.
It could, however, just be the fact that I
actually DREW this one livelier.
Argh - why is making art so complicated
I´m a bit confused on how to
continue, especially with the
Bologna Fair drawing nearer...

Also, two posts in ONE day?
It´s been a while!


Maarit said...

I like this one much better than the one before. I love the metallic look of it.

I'm also always agonizing about what kind of pen I should use to draw, seems like they all have their benefits. Drawing with a micron seems somehow more "serious" (I can't really explain why), but I like drawing with pencil so much more, and I draw better with it too. Pencil has more nuances and the line communicates so much more IMO. It does have less contrast than a micron drawing, but that's where PhotoShop comes in.

Could you have made those nipples with a micron pen?

Ariel said...

Woaw.. the skin(*or fur) looks like fried batter!

*Sorry.. just that i had sushi recently.

Good stuff Fred.