Changing my mind again (again)

Some doodles I did on the train to my
new job at the coat check of a small local theatre.
It´s pretty fun, though I worked quite a lot during the last
days. On the other hand, it´s not too stressful (apart from
the three minutes everybody wants their coats back instantly
at the end of the play), and drawing in the subway is
something I missed, strangely enough.

I am too used to my Uniball Eye pen to get back
to pencil properly, and I really can´t blame the pen
itself if my drawings get too stiff - it´s more in the
daily, consistent, joyous routine that makes my lines
more energetic again. There simply have been too
many days with NO drawing at all lately; and just
doing quick 10 minute sessions two or three times
a day make a huge difference.

Nulla dies sine linea, indeed.

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Jeannette said...

That would be a cool job. Can I come work with you?