Best Of (or something)

Ah yes, a creative blockade,
just in time for the nearing Bologna
deadline. After a weekend of jobbing I was
happy to have two completely free days in front
of me, but I just produced for the rubbish
bin today.

So instead of brutally forcing it, which
only makes me unsteady and angry, and reluctant
to surrender, I flipped through my own little
back catalogue. Usually I have this strange,
unnecessarily perfectionistic habit of dismissing
my old work really quickly - for instance,
only very recent work is presented in my
portfolio (aside from bad web design).

I have the slight feeling that I did
better stuff some time ago, amongst
it many pencil drawings with lots of
neat colours and coloured lines.

I really need to print out some of this
and hang it up my walls, as a reminder
that I don´t have to start from scratch
each time I start a new drawing.

1 comment:

Maarit said...

I kind of wondered why you had only new stuff in your portfolio, but never got around to asking you about it. Mystery solved. These are amazing, it would be a shame if you don't show them off in your website. Maybe you could make a different section for pencil and pen?

I'm having the mother of all creative blocks, I haven't drawn much anything in weeks, and I can't see an end to it. It's kind of scary really. But then again, it always comes back eventually, why not now.