IF: The Zoo // The Headless Rider

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"Behold this wicked creature, and
you know you´re in the foulest
ZOO ever."

(I know I am shoehorning this weeks
IF-Topic very badly again, but please don´t
hate me for it. I can´t control myself.)


Headless AND only one-armed, that
poor guy. That horse had gone through
a lot of trouble, too. I really have to
press those illustrations out fast, Monday
is drawing near and I have to work four times
at the weekend. But it´s fun having to come up
with stuff quickly - when I can´t be doubtful
and hesistant, I seem to draw very efficient.
This is actually the first try at the headless
rider, without any sketches involved beforehand
(as you can tell by looking at the horse, but
neither do I have enough time to learn animal
anatomy, nor do I think anyone cares about this much).

(This is the old color version)


rachel stoleru said...

I forgive you since your work is so great. I agree about the "fast stuff" - works for me too.

Forever Young said...

i love your work, the weirder the better, and this one is certainly weird!

Ariel said...

Wow... kinda morbid.. but nice!

*Eeeek... that boot's coming really close to the horses privates... :O

Cheers Fred!


Ariel said...

*I also just noticed fred.. your link list is really growing... wow. It almost looks like a Santa List.

Have you been good or bad this year Fred? ;)

carga said...

very interesting your work

Kim Larsen said...

Hello -

First: your work is AWESOME !!!!

I would like to invite you to join in on a little portrait-drawing-fun ... please drop by here: http://www.udgang99.dk/pdm

The site is just starting out, but it's looking promising already, I think!

Kim Larsen

Maarit said...

I like it! Looks like he beheaded and bearmed(?) himself. I get the feeling that he really wants to move forward and do some heroic deeds, but is kind of stuck at the moment. I certainly feel his pain.

It doesn't matter that the anatomy isn't just right. You make it look like everything you did was intentional, and that's what it's really about.

Thanks for posting the quote of Renee French on my blog, it was really helpful. I've always been overly critical of myself. But I'm drawing again, and will be posting soon (hopefully)!

Amy Brown said...

Hey man, cheers for the comment! I'm so glad it is of some help looking at my stuff. Be sure to show me the finished book -sounds like it'd be rad! x

monica indelicato said...

I like very much yor work,well done!