IF: Superstition // Oni Ver. 2

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My new version of the Oni.
Calling a part of asian mythology
superstition might be a bit of a stretch,
but, eh, well.

I´ve been too much in a creative hole again
lately, so I got back to my favourite, smeary and
cheap art too - the biro pen, and tried to
lose all of the tension, to just have FUN
drawing... I´ve been so uptight with
drawing lately for all the wrong reasons.

I hope you can see I had fun with this!


mr i said...

I imagine I must not be the first person to tell you this...you have a KILLER style. Love your work

Paul Bommer said...

so brilliant
ive said it before
but i'll say it again
i adore your work.

biro is a great medium
love its occasionally smeary edginess

Valeriannah said...

This Guy is great!

Patrick said...

Very cool. The style is great, as are the tiger-stripe underpants. I really like the way you draw.