IF: Small things

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I am working on almost every day during
december at my job at the coat check of a
local theatre, and it´s pretty hard to still
get some drawings done when I am at home
again. It´s either that I work early and have to
get some sleep when I get home again,
killing the rest of the day by not getting
fully awake again, or I have to work late and
can´t get anything done with work looming
further down the day.

Creative work is a very precious and
fragile thing I actually need a lot more time
for than I thought I would. But on the
plus side, I am really appreciating my free
time right now.

I like how pencil gets a smooth,
charcoal look to it when setting
the contrast settings to the extremes.


Carla Sonheim said...

It's so true about creative "time", isn't it? I need TONS of down time... I can't force it!!

Nice piece...

Sarah said...

I sympathise - I'm a slow worker so need time to do, and time to do nothing...hard to manage it all.

Great drawings anyway though!

Ariel said...

You're right on the money in regards to free time Fred.. Time is precious.

Good luck at your new job btw.. And hope you get some extra time to do what you do best... sleep(*I'm kiddin! Drawing of course! ;)

lotta love


Happy Holidays btw!

Nemo said...

I love your style.

R.Dress said...

Me too! Cool style, solid concepts.

jeannette said...

You would think if you had NO job youd draw ALL the TIME. Not true, I have discovered.