IFN: The Blues


Whenever this guy feels the blues,
he listens to his old records...
in stereo.

I started using ink on tracing paper
over pencil sketches for this one, instead
of my usual "just go at it and see what happens"
method. Worked pretty well, I wouldn´t be able to
do something like how the arms and legs interact without
any penciling. Sketching stays cheap this way
(regular copy paper), and if I want to make
something proper out of it, I just put a sheet
of this nice, milky tracing paper over it
and go into the details.


Analia Testone said...

lindo diseño, el tiene una expresion muy sentida...

dendoo said...

cute illustration, very nice

Ariel said...

I've always thought tracing paper was for Drafting.

But this works too ;)

Nice drawing Fred.

PS-Translation for Analia.. "nice design, he's got a very calm expression"(*Just practising my spanish. Don't mind me)

marcisenders said...

Love this!

Paul Bommer said...

another wonderful
haunting image
you are too good
I am again jealous
but in a good way

Maarit said...

Cool, like steampunk headphones. I like how it's almost black and white, but not quite. You succeeded with the more complex structures without losing any spontaneity in the drawing, that's exactly the kind of balance that I would like to achieve. Someday.. (practice helps I've heard).

flora said...

You must have used thicker tracing paper? The lines look really clean! :D Nice work!

tofusquirrel said...

He's cool! I'd hang out w/him!

Jeannette said...

Happy Birthday, old man!