I decided to participate in this years
Bologna childrens book exhibition, our school
sends submissions for this together. There is a
certain size and a fixed number of pictures needed,
five to be precise. I will submit my first
Brothers Lionheart illustration, the second one
(the boy in the bed) is a bit weaker, so I will
do four new ones. Deadline is around October 30,
so I should be able to get this in time. Above
is Tengil, an evil tyrant.

I don´t really know what to expect from
this exhibition thing, but I guess the best is to just
make good stuff and don´t think too much about
what this is all about. It isn´t enough time to
create something completely coherent, so
those five pictures will be a bit all over the
place, in terms of stylistics and also how
closely they reflect the text, but whatever -
maybe I will win some people over with
"carefree charisma". Or something ^_^

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Jeannette said...

very cool. the spurs are back!