Urrgh. I really need to get back into
the working groove again. I ditched my sketchbook
drawings and am using plain printer paper again,
which will hopefully move me away from trying
to make nice and tidy sketchbooks to more expressive
experimentation again. That´s the good thing about
inexpensive working materials: You can just go ahead
without caring about producing rubbish too much.

I guess everyone has a small stack of
hyper expensive watercolor paper at home that´s
been unused for years because you were afraid
of spoiling it. That´s like collecting toys
Really, what the funk?*

*Please don´t sue me, internet police!


François Boussuge said...

Well-judged: the poor abandoned 300 gr paper! The problem with the printer paper: it warps.

Diana said...

I totally agree. Expensive art supplies keep you from pushing the boundries!
So good luck with getting experimental. From what I've seen on your blog it shouldn't be too difficult for you! Great stuff you got here!

Maarit said...

I like the birch-houses! I tend to "save" expensive paper, too, I have no idea what I'm saving it for... I sometimes use brown wrapping paper, there's no "must create a masterpiece" -pressure and I like the colour and texture of it.

I have heard of Egon Schiele, but I kind of forgot about him, thanks for reminding me! His drawings are amazing, and he has some elements of art nouveau in his works that I like, without the pretenciousness of some of the artists of that style (I'm guilty of that myself, trying to get rid of it).

Mac said...

Cool composition.
I totally agree about expensive paper. It stifles the shit out of my art. I freeze up thinking about how much each mistake costs. I have also used so much printer paper that it just feels better.

Prozacville said...

You're so right. Tomorrow I'm going to wipe my arse on some watercolour paper and see if it makes me feel better.

Decadence, HERE I COME!

Rrramone said...

Sweet. I love roads too! Nice work!