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I am a member of the german
Illustratoren Organisation e.V. now,
which is, well, a organisation for illustrators in
Germany. Illustrators from all of Germany can
organize there. So if you are living in Germany
and are interested in illustrating AND organizing,
you can organize with us at the Illustratoren
Organisation e.V.! (Most Illustrators who are
organized there are from Germany, by the way.)

They already sent me a thick package with all
sorts of information material plus the access data
to my account there. Now I have THREE sites
I have to keep up-to-date, and I hope that my blog
won´t suffer too much from it, as it is the
non-business side of things.

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Diana said...

Doofe Frage vielleicht. Aber warum bist Du denn dort beigetreten? Auf deren Seite haben mich mögliche Gründe nicht so direkt angesprungen....