Don´t drink and type

I managed to spill beer over my keyboard.
Obviously it didn´t like it. It stopped working
completely that evening. On the next morning I
could type somehow, but instead of normal letters
all kinds of weird symbols appeared (as if several
ctrl and alt buttons were pressed simultaneously).

I tried to dry it with a hairdryer, but that didn´t
help. Opening it up didn´t either, as the beer got in all
these tight places that are impossible to reach. The sugar
in it was really bad for all those circuit, it seems.

So a new keyboard, then. Apple just released
new keyboards along with some other Apple stuff
I don`t care for, and those are ultra-flat aluminum
surface ones. These are costing 50€ instead of the
30€ for the last-gen ones.

So there you have it. This keyboard is
so flat that I can hardly feel the keys sitting on top,
and they have completely different pressure points,
but I THINK I like it. Or wait, having paid 50€
just because I couldn´t control my arms flailing
around knocking over the can I HAVE to like it,
right? I would have bought cheap non-Apple
ones, and I am not as brand loyal as Apple
users seem to be, but all of the ones they had
at the store we´re blindingly ugly.

This reminds me, I used to eat potato
chips over my cassette player when I was kid,
which destroyed them pretty efficiently.
I went through maybe three or four of those
until I stopped my destructive behaviour.


Above: Stuff I did recently.
My portfolio is working now,
nothing there you didn´t see here,
but you can check it out nevertheless.
And as always, the pictures are in no way
related to the text, but it might be funny to
pretend they are.


Diana said...

Lucky you! Imagine your keyboard had been "attached to" your laptop... ;-)
I really like your portfolio btw. Great stuff!

François Boussuge said...

I am always stressed in the morning when I drink my coffee above my keyboard. No disaster yet.
Great illos, really fit to your text.

Ariel said...

Great stuff as usual Fred :)

Though that Fred in Hell drawing blew me away! (*awesome!)

Jeannette said...

That plane is awesome. Could you possibly understand how good it is?